Defense adheres to the following international codes and standards:

  • International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers
  • Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (US Law)
  • Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001
  • United Nations Mine Action Standards
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The ethics of all of Defense's clients, contractors and partners (whether these are private sector or governmental) is of great importance to the company.

  • Defense neither supports political parties nor contributes to the funds of or supports groups whose activities promote political interests.
  • Defense will not allow a conflict of interest to arise against any of its core clients.
  • Defense will not pay bribes or provide inducements for services or information.
  • Defense will neither conduct nor sub-contract activities to support or participate in quasi-police, military or paramilitary operations.
  • Defense checks all its sub-contractors for probity and quality. References will be sought before employing sub-contractors.
  • Where we are asked t advise a company whose activities, although legal, may be deemed controversial or appear to fall outside the normal service areas, Defense reserves the right to undertake such work, so long as the client's activities are lawful.


We ensure that all our staff, whether managerial or operational, permanent or temporary, are aware of, and subscribe to, our ethical standards and codes as follows. We insist that all Defense personnel:

  • Exercise absolute honesty and diligence in performing responsibilities and duties.
  • Are fully aware of the adverse consequences, both to themselves and to the Company's reputation, should they accept anything of substance or value which could be described as an inducement or bribe.
  • Are fully briefed upon the importance of possessing confidential information and not abusing that knowledge for personal gain.
  • Are fully cognisant of the consequences of contravening any law or relevant regulation prescribed in any of the jurisdictions in which the Company operates.
  • Adhere to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and are never to be complicit in human rights abuses.
  • Are not allowed to give or receive any commissions unless authorised.
  • Declare all gifts over the value of €100 to their Project Manager who, if in doubt, should consult Management.


  • Defense employees are required to comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.
  • Defense will only work for clients who are prepared to comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which they have a presence.


  • Client confidentiality is the key foundation upon which Defense has been built.
  • Defense will never compromise the trust in which it has been placed by any of its clients.


Defense will continuously review and amend these principles and standards to reflect any changes in the climate and environment in which the Company and its Clients operate.


Last revised: September 10, 2012

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