Providing a secure environment for your personnel and protecting property and assets are essential for productivity, profitability and investor confidence. Your choice of High Security Risk Protection Services provider is not a decision to be taken lightly as the potential implications to your business are enormous. The deployment of well trained and managed security specialists can provide just such a secure environment.

We can provide clients with operational security solutions for a broad range of business facilitation and for any environment - land, sea, or air - as well as end-to-end security across all three.

Our emphasis is always on practical solutions that deliver results with minimal disruption - from the complexities of international supply-chain security to the daily operational demands of protecting assets and personnel.

For each assignment, we bring together the right blend of professional skills, expertise and local capability to meet the needs of the client.

Security issues permeate most activities in high-risk countries and oceans. Thinking outside the box can turn seemingly impossible ventures into effective and profitable solutions to national or corporate problems. Defense is uniquely qualified to provide the best Protective Security Detail (PSDs), Maritime Anti-Pirate Security and Static Site Security.

Defense provides comprehensive protective security for site facilities ranging from residential buildings and small offices through to major high profile, high threat locations including large construction sites and living areas, military facilities, maritime ports and airports as well as protective anti-pirate security for vessels that have to transit in very high risk water. Our Close Protections teams and Maritime Security teams have the ability to operate within challenging and demanding environments.



  • Personal protection
  • Threat assessments and site surveys
  • High specification fully armored vehicles both covert and high profile
  • Certified armed escorts trained to the highest standards
  • Satellite tracking and communications
  • Security and emergency plans
  • Construction of physical security structures and defenses
  • Manage Third country and local national guard forces
  • Guard force training, equipping and deployment
  • High quality search trained personnel and supervisors
  • Access and security pass control
  • Technical systems providing intruder alert and remote surveillance


  • Personal Security Details
  • Key Point Protection
  • Convoy Protection
  • Meet and Greet Services
  • Maritime Security (anti-piracy operations, etc.)
  • VIP Security
  • Media Team Escort
  • Special Event Security
  • Construction Security (pipeline infrastructure, etc.)
  • Embassy Security
  • Port Security
  • Airport Security


We focus on your objectives,
to offer you the best solutions

We have practical solutions
to solve your real-world problems

We work to solve your challenges
and protect your interests

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