Founded by former members of European and United States elite military and police forces, Defense's management team combines extensive experience in conventional and special forces military service and maritime expertise.

The senior management team has extensive operational experience in theatres of warfare ranging from the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan to the Middle East, Africa and Gulf of Aden.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience in conventional and special forces, Defense has gathered a dedicated team of professionals who are all experts in their respective fields of security.

Defense's international management team combines detailed knowledge of security methods and governmental regulations with an understanding of the commercial realities that shape our clients' requirements. Project personnel are selected on strict criteria for their quality and ability to meet the demands of each particular task.

Defense's approach is based on a continuous cycle of analyze-plan-implement-analyze. This enables us to anticipate and respond to the rapid changes in security risk that characterize many of our clients' operating environments. This formula has been proven on several major security programmes.

Defense is a leading supplier of risk assessment and training services to meet terrorist threats. The global war on terrorism and continued security situation in different parts of the globe in the last 20 years has provided Defense's management team with high-profile challenge - and has demonstrated once again the benefits of an intelligent approach to security assessment, training and implementation, and of the value of communication with local populations.

Defense operates to the highest professional standards and it is our intention to continue to provide our clients with the highest level of service.

The Company is fully licensed and insured and always has the required formal authority and documentation needed to operate in foreign countries.


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