Specialist Security is an essential service for both businesses and governors in the 21st century due to the increase in threat level from criminals, terrorists and even the general public.

Defense offer his operational, consulting and training security services to International Business Corporations, Company Executives, Engineers, Contractors, Diplomats and Media Crews operating in hostile environments as well as Military and Police forces that need to increase their skills and knowledge to work in hostile environments giving the highest level of professional currently available.

Defense has developed its Close Protection, Private Security Detail, and Asset Recovery & Surveillance Services to meet the growing threat in all theatres of operation on an international basis.

Defense Security Operatives are recruited from elite military and police units who have vast experience from many theatres of both military and civilian operations. Military experience combined with civilian training enables our Specialist Security Personnel to operate to a much higher level of professionalism than our competitors.


  • Security Planning & Threat Risk Assessment
  • Maritime security and anti-piracy services to protect both commercial and private vessels.
  • Corporate Close Protection for International Business and high profile Dignitaries
  • VIP Close Protection for Film, Television and the Media
  • Residential Security Teams to protect homes and places of business
  • Private Security Details for protection for High Risk Environments
  • Asset Recovery & Surveillance for intelligence gathering and the recovery of missing assets
  • Military and Police Training (covering any aspect of SF and tactical training)


Last revised: September 10, 2012

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